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  • The best of mens fashion that made its place in 2016

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    Vogue- it keeps on changing, as per time, as per season, as per people and even some time as per designers. Black slicked back hair is in, so better start saving for your hair transplant boys. It is the time when the new collection is making a place in the shops so that is why this is the time to get prepared for these new collections to look more trendy this season. So, here are some of the trends that will help you to look more astonishing and trendy this season.

    Duffle coat- Duffle coat is not a term that isn’t known to anyone, and when it comes to fashion 2k16 this is and has been one of the most popular and fashionable trends this year.

    Silky – shiny -No one can wear a proper silk shirt with shiny coat and not look fashionable, Silk shirts are the comfortable way to slip on the trend list

    Copper is the new black-

    The copper colour is a must that you should have in your wardrobe. Nothing looks more decent along with classy as the copper colour shirt with a classy coat.

    evergreen shades of grey –

    Apparently grey is the most popular colour in the trend lists. Not dependent on the weather conditions grey colour always looks best and will always suit your personality

    Crepe soles shoes –

    A nubby rubber crepe shoe is one of the most trendings shoes in this season. It is one of the most comfortable shoes to wear this season and look fashionable as well.

    Sandals –

    Sandals have always been the best and most suitable footwears this year . A perfect combination of fashion and convenience is what makes it most demanding especially for the summer